Binary Star
Solar Powered
Our mission is to boldly go, where no MC, or group
Has ever gone before -- EVER! EVER!
(What the hell is this shit?) Binary system {*scratches*}
(What the hell is this shit?) Binary system

[Verse 1: OneBeLo]
Yo, you wack bastards, you wanna know how I killed your fathers?
On the battlefield I grab the steel like William Wallace
A brave heart, swingin' my sword's a work of art
Every verse I spark, deserve the Purple Heart
You can't get with the, cold temperature
OneBeLo'll turn a wack artist purple like the Arctic Circle
Frostbit from the words I spit
You ain't got enough (w)raps in your first-aid kit
To treat yourself, too late, you chose your fate
You beat yourself, comin' like you masturbate
And I won't hesitate to embarrass ya
'Cause on the microphone you do little, like Eddie Murphy's character
The only paraphernalia I need to rock the spot
Is one Hip-Hop fan, and it don't stop (it's all I need)
Without a mic, without a beat, or a DJ (I don't need that, I don't need that)
Without a pen, pad, without a blunt, a fifth of E&J (I don't need that)
Without a doubt I still turn it out without a de-lay
On a track to beat your whole team without a relay
Without a problem, so don't expect nothin' lesser
Droppin' Hip-Hop, I blow spots like Uncle Fester
[Hook x4]
"Shake the ground while my beats just break it down"
{*scratched*: Binary Star, Binary Star"}

"Lights, camera, ac-tion"
"Yo, you gotta respect them"

[Verse 2: Senim Silla]
Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful or 'cause my show's live
And your jam's a damn funeral, you wack on the rec' of pharmaceuticals
My usual, you may be feelin' me
But the feelin' ain't mutual, think you can try Silla?
Nothin' short of delusional, many a guy went there
But to no avail, got you all in check
My game will never go stale, I got all the right moves
Like Tom Cruise and don't know the definition of fail
I'm constantly on the incline, star goal in mind
Get ours in time, my crew 'bout to shine
On these cats like UV rays so get your sunblock
Bolted down, ain't no way you can unlock
We concoct the rock from explosive materials
Natural born stealers that commit acts and serial
We're flamin' 'em, and workin' around like venereal
Binary, the genuine article, reign imperial

[Hook x4]
"As long as you call us your favorite MC"

[Verse 3: OneBeLo]
Yo, I rock jeans, Hip-Hop fiends (fiends) blow hot steam (steam)
We got schemes (schemes) the terrorist bomb scenes
It's obscene (obscene) the MC who's not seen
I got dreams, like Doc King, PEACE
Binary Star hit you like a SWAT team
As you promotin' Hip-Hop with Noxzem' always talkin' bout you got some cream
You make a better slot machine
I make a better flag 'cause I stay on top of things
I got the means, to generate lots of screams
Bitin MCs like Tyson in the boxin' ring
I told you once before not to push me
Word is Bond, I'm like 007 in "Octopussy"

[Verse 4: Senim Silla]
The aqua authors, H-2-O flow
Awful aqua that floods the menstrual
It drowns the underground, give tracks to run around
And mics to squeeze play, exhaust the DJ
All in a day's work, doin my slang thang
"Word Play Expert", the title I maintain
Pulitzer Prize rhymes, novel idealist
Silla's a realist, microphone check 1-2
And so forth, and use the force
Hold down the fort, represent the North
Hold up the torch, make sure the whole world see this
Mic Jesus'll walk on water to make believers
"Shake the ground while my beats just break it down"
"Sh-sh-shake the ground while my beats just break it down"
"Sh-shake.. shake the ground while my beats just break it down"
{*scratched*: Binary Star, Bi-Bi-Bi.."}
"Shake the ground.. shake, shake, shake, shake the ground"
{*scratched*: Binary Star, Bi-Bi-Binary system"}
"Shake, shake the ground while my beats just break it down"
{*scratched*: Binary Star, Bi-Bi-Binary Star"}

{*scratched*: Did you want so more, I didn't think so} (x5)

{*scratching till fade*}