Binary Star
Reality Check
I have a request tonight... when you hear this... that is the introduction...

Do you love pianos?

[Verse 1: OneBeLo]
This is how I represent, I rock the mic 110 percent
It's intimate, I keeps the party movin' like an immigrant
Binary Star, superstar, it's no coincidence
Every verse is intricate, this ain't a circus in a tent
We don't get down like them clown and the kids
I'm used to being indigent, who said it's all about the Benjamins?
I want a fortune, I wanna make music and hit the lottery
Fortunately, my music is never watery
That's how it's gotta be as far as I can see
Maybe you should grab a telescope to see my view, it's like astronomy
It ain't all about economy
So the fact that all these wack emcees is making G's don't bother me
Honestly, my number one policy is quality
Never sell my soul is my philosophy
High velocity, lyrics like Nostrodamus makin' prophecy
I told you cats a long time ago it ain't no stoppin' me
I bomb your set: that's not a threat, it's a promise
Got everybody ridin' on my wagon like the Amish
But still I never claim to be a big rap star
'Cause no matter who you are, it's still Allahu Akbar
Better believe this, most rappers can't achieve this
I'm bad to the bone but X-rays can't even see this
See I'm strategic, I letcha money talk, bullshit walk
While I keep it rollin' like paraplegics
Whoever's on the microphone, let it be known
You in danger, I got next like the Boston Strangler
You ain't never heard an emcee speak like this
And Rodney King ain't never felt a beat like this
That is the main theme
I'm gonna do something else

[Verse 2: Senim Silla]
Get a grip on yourself 'cause you ain't grippin' mines
Life and times, idolize rap guys outta line careers I finalize
Collide with this seranade cyanide you've applied for Silla-cide
The thing that makes killa's hide
Hang 'em high by they gold link necktie
And drain 'em dry enter temper sty now you ain't Ki
So you ain't that high, wanna be aeronautic
Then get swatted for actin' fly
Mastermines crafty rhymes, Ill wind from drafty lines
That chill spines like the Alpines, runnin' up on senim turbines
A close encounter of the worst kind
Go ask the cats that heard I'm lyrical turpentine
Who wanna taste mine? I carry hell on the waistline
God's gift to bassline so let the phlegm fly
I semi 75 through the MI, when I forcefully Jedi
In a bullseye red-eye, heads fly bet I sharpshoot dead-eye
Snooze crews bed bye, Mary Lou flippin', I paper punk rip it
I stomp it, I semper-fi represent, temper I, signified
Walkin' rhyme, ain't nothin' similar
Or Gemini, or in this perimeter 'cept him and I?
Cats be cut dry, I'm a wild wet guy
I be rainin' precipitation 'til it's one inch from neck-high
Arrest fly kids mid-sky without an alibi
Who said you rap tight? You come unraveled by
Slice of this rap scalpel, as quick as apple pie
I'm learned in all schools of thought and shit you baffled by
Conceptual intellectual fox sly
Silla oxide, rhymes flow like a rockslide
You must've forgot I'd slap your ass knockneed and cockeyed
Bruised, battered, broken up, open cut, dipped in peroxide
Death to the Pop Fly
I usually don't do request numbers
Unless of course I have been asked to do so