Binary Star
Supreme Alphabet

It's the supreme alphabet
It's the supreme alphabet

A boy can die early from guns
Held in justified killings like mike brown
Now officers patrol quick trip returning soon
To undermine violent weapons x yes zombies
Africans became captured during explorer flaws
Getting hauled in jumbo kits
Looking mostly nubian opposite perfectly quipped
Runnin' shoot'em
The utmost visionaries were 'xecuted
You (z)xenophobic atheist bitch
Chinky darkie easy faggot gay honkey's itch
Jew kid loose mutt
Niggers outcast pussy queer retarded sluts terrorist
Ugly vagina weird
X-zibit y zip it rip it
Action be come drum
Everybody from ghana havana indiana johannesburg
Kenya luxembourg
Medina's navajo nation outdoors preserved
Quietly situated reserved transformation
Using vaccinations
With x-tra x-tra yep yep zig zag papers
Air biology changing
Draining energy famous
Gaining hanging in jungle huts
Killin' it long months not once
Phife quest rules
Shahid testifying universal verses with young zulus
Adrenalin benjamin's
Centering degenerate
Energy givin'em hemorrhage's interview jib-berish
Killin it limitless minutemen nemesis
Opposite penmanship
'Quivalent resemblance
Smooth temperament
Unlimited verbiage without x-rated yankee zimmerman's
Guilty or innocent? Finish him
Asiatic born cee decompoze equally freakin' flo's
Good hip hop international
Just king
Love mastering
Nations cipher (o) power
Hail to the queen
Rule self
Truth u-n-I-verse the victory
Wisdom unknown y?
Zig zag ziggety
What you know about the attic be? Cee ya