Binary Star
Big nation
Fist waving at a dictator
Draining power from the generators
The man woman and child, across the generations
Everybody entangled
Crowd under the arid clouds
But missiles raining
Gang banging see the blood and the cripple babies
Poking out a nipple lady
Run away, they Lynch and hang'em
They say the system's changing
Trigger fingers mixer fade em
But the big stations still didn't play'em
Bloodthirsty east to west like Mister Kraven
Is this Satan? demons waiting on a demonstration
Missed prayers
Tents pitched in the big square
Welcome to the glitch matrix
They omit data
Tick tick tick tick tick, hanging, getting impatient
Armed soldiers VS The Brick Masons
Tears dangle from the gas wears the ventilation
Get it? Get vacant, no more kids playing
Inflation, infiltration, causing inflammation
Mr-Mis-Information pushing displacement
Disc causing discomfort like you piss razors
Instigators teeth way sharper than a swimming gator
Not really complicated
Ignorant to danger
Sometimes the bullets went stray and a couple hit strangers
Modern times like the Pharaohs of some distant ages
It's an understatement if I told that the shits crazy
It's really no time to get lazy
Sun raise'em where the Nile is the river basin
Winter blazing but some hearts seem refrigerator
Bin Ladens in the city no relation to a Ben Franklin
Receive a standing ovation on ya chin graying
Wise said a sword ain't as mighty as the pen and page is
Revolution in a Facebook/Twitter nation
Politicians over the hill? This more like Himalayas
Lifestyles of the rich and famous
Religious statements from the one who kiss the babies
But their hearts seem rotten like the apple
I ain't talking where the Knicks is playing
Figure skaters in the palace with the Piston players
Different neighbors
Poor people with the pinched payments
Vent hatred
The early birds get it first, hook the fish later
And that's deeper than a splinter cut traveled by some Witch hazel
Heard it through grapevine of my temptations
Time to get naked for a minute, bare facts
Dick, anus say hooee for the pimp players
Licking lips
Feel shackles on the wrist ankles
The newspapers printing hatred got it mistaken
Propaganda hit the fan
And now the shit stanking
When the camera's shoot
Stars get spangled
Watch the banners get tailored and be the first one to get famous