Levi’s Introduction


(Intro: Levi)
Everyone say goodbye to the young Levi people come they go they die my team gone ride y’all haters try n collide but I can’t got back inside I’m on my sh*t Yamine let’s get it

(Hook: Levi)
All my people stayin with me through the change
Warm Love warm Love homie that won’t change
Missing that simple fact he tryna rap it’s all cap
Middle fingers up hear me say f**k you b*t*h no cap

(Interlude: Levi)
I tried god damnit thought I made it never made a step stop Levi you still a f**king baby to this game you don’t know sh*t about this game you think it’s all a game what you want that fame ha good luck wanna be all I hear is some wacky tacky rap makes me wanna laugh

(Outro: Levi)
They will never want you to be successful Levi they hate the fact that your talented they hate the fact you’ve got what it takes you have the energy you can do it I believe in you hell we all do love you bro with that Warm Love peace and love to us all stay strong keep yo motherf**king head up you can’t afford to lose not again not ever again
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