"Better On My Own"

(Verse 1: Yamine)
Started off with nothing now I’m on my way to the top hill
Sleeping outside them cold nights man all chills (oh, oh oh oh, oh, oh oh)
She a bad b*t*h so I wanna f**k her to this song here
I might go to the mall and cop or go broad here
See me with the homies, but they snakes I can’t trust them (no never)
f**k it I even got people in the family deep in they feels
I’m always all alone but it’s better in the corner
f**k the wine I on’t follow, bout to drink me a Cola (oh yeah)
I was still 13 and had that Motorola (flip)
I ain’t even gotta cap, got clothes from my cousin
Now I’m feeding off of hate, never let people destroy ya
Them lies that they told, I won’t fold, I know em
If you think it’s true, then you out of the equation
I’m just embracin, steady pacin, man this past I’ll erase it
I’d rather be alone, then in a room full of people that hate me
One person that get jealous of the way you done made it

(Chorus: Yamine)
I’m better on my own, I don’t ever get surrounded by the fake
All the hate that they give, and I won’t take
All these hoes had my love and my heart went to break
Never again will I lend or trust a woman that’s fake
I’m better on my own n***a, yeah
I’m better on my own n***a, yeah
I’m better on my own n***a
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