In My Zone lyrics


Yeah, Yamine
[Dhayes Productions]

I be in my zone
Just chilling in my home (in my home)
This quarantine got me feeling all alone (all alone)
I need some water ain’t no texting on this phone (so dry)
Man I be tired of this fro
I need a barber in my home (clipper)

I be in my zone, please leave me alone (leave me alone)
I be in my zone, yeah I be in my zone (in my zone)
I be in my zone, yeah I be in my zonе (in the zone)
I be in my zonе, yeah I be in my zone (in my zone)

(Verse 1)
I-I-I be in my zone (yeah), chilling in my home (yeah)
I-I-I need me a loan, my bank account is froze (gosh)
Ain’t no flexing I’m accepting all the reasons that I’m broke (man)
I need that stimulus check, but those funds are looking low ($600?)
All these rappers talk big bank, ya’ll cappers are so fake (bruh)
If you wanna get rich buy real estate, stock market’s high time to get the cake (cash)
Don’t call my phone I ain’t picking up
Ain’t paid the minutes, I don’t have enough (facts)
Donate plasma, or mow the lawn
It’s snow time, so I shovel yards
$100 for a pair shoes, but I gotta pay bills that goes through the roof
(man this stuff crazy we gotta open this economy back up, YouTube where ya at)

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