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Young Mister

"Hopefully, Maybe"

If I could live inside my dreams
We’d get rich from the songs I sing
Then burn through the money
Like a forest in lighting

Then do it one more time around
Save enough to settle down
Make our own small version
Of a Kennedy compound

I know I might sound crazy
But someday hopefully, maybe...

Well I never thought but here I am
A soldier for the corporate man
Drinking in my office, thinking ‘bout my rock band

I ain’t ashamed of what I’ve become
Still the same just cleaned up some
Can’t run from the forces pulling me to pick and hum

I know I might be crazy
But someday hopefully, maybe....

I know it’s dangerous
But I hear em’ calling from the six string rust
I do it all, one more time
If you break a heart, don’t let it be mine

These songs will likely find their way to a box on the basement floor
Or up in the attic when my future kids don’t know what records are anymore
I can hear ‘em talking now
Sayin’ they don’t get it
What even is this
Daddy, what’s that hiss?

I know, it’s dangerous
Real life is hard on the things you love
I keep singing, every time
If it breaks my heart, I’ll be just fine

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