"True To This"

Matt Brick$

You know what you want, you like, "Period" (You like, "Period")
You won't take a lame n***a serious (No)
Lil' shawty got me curious (Got me curious)
Would you stay true to this?
You could bet, ayy, it's all on me (All on me)
Private jets, never leave you lonely (Leave you lonely)
Push-to-start, you don't need no key (Need no key)
Baby, put that pu**y on me (On me)

[Verse 1]
Got a bottle, so you know it's goin' down (Know it's goin' down)
I ain't tryna wait, I need it now (Need it now)
Lay you on the mattress, give you rounds (Give you rounds)
Spit on it, put it in your mouth
I apologize, I be goin' crazy (I be goin' crazy)
f**kin' like I'm tryna have a baby (Ooh)
Get up on that d**k, don't be lazy (Be lazy)
I'm in that water like the Navy
Don't trip, put them panties to the side (To the side)
Slim waist with the light brown eyes (Brown eyes)
Got what I need, I wouldn't lie (I wouldn't lie)
You gon' get this d**k tonight
Talk to me, girl (Talk to me, girl)
Bring you to my world (Bring you to my world)
Do you like girls? (Do you like girls?)
pu**y worth the world (Oh, her pu**y worth the world)
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