Yeah my day ones always know me and they say that I'm the best
Ya'll support me at my lowest you know I can pass the test
Shouts out Daniel and July and Nolan, Traviks, all the rest
Know I'll make it to the top one day, I won't take any less

Got my fans and all my fam I wake up feeling very blessed
Keep my friends all in my circle, I won't let them get finessed
Buy a rolly if I wanna and I'll get it on request
Just a kid from out in nowhere in the mountains who'da guessed?

Sip wit shawty and she naughty, got a body and she not a thotty
Tell somebody I ain't sorry sippin' coffee on me
Pay for saki teriyaki anything it's on me
I been jolly olly smokin' holly like a hobby

Shawty wanna ride 'cause she say that she glad now
Chillin' in the smoke in the night it's, a mad house
Coolin' on the couch sip patrone 'bouta crash out
See the world I float while I move up the rank now

Know you be rockin and rollin 'cause you be feelin the flow
I got some money in pocket and I ain't lettin' it go
But first I buy some new o̶m̶I̶t̶t̶e̶d̶ yeah boy you already know
I'm piling stacks to the ceiling you know I'm ready to go

I know that y'all been heard my name
'Cause who the f**k don't know me?
And y'all best come at me different 'cause I am not your homie
And I ain't tryna write a rap with randos I don't know g
So I'ma stick to myself and I'm gonna grow on my own g
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