I'm the best you heard around
And when I'm dead, hear me through the ground
I'm in my grave, you could hear the sound
Of all the souls lost up in the sound
I'm a dog, take me to the pound
I'm a ghost in the lost and found
Don't belong in this stupid town
Feeling lost, feeling like I drowned, I'm

[Verse 1]
Hopping on board while we smoke on the boat
Been craving that feeling we lost in the smoke
You say that I'm dying, that I'll be a ghost
I'm more than aware 'cause I've been diagnosed

[Verse 2]
I'm depressed, I'm f**king dead
I hope you shoot me through the head
Don't wanna wake up in my bеd
Smoke 'til I forgot things you said
And now I'm only seeing red
I got no future lеft ahead
I got too scared, so I just fled
I'm on this path now that I tread
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