"Why’d You Have To Go, Pt. 2"

Why'd you have to go
Leave me all alone
Every time I text you, you won't hit me on the phone
I know you're doing fine, yeah, but we are not the same
I be ghosting all these girls, Ion even know they name
Why'd you have to go
Leave me all alone
Last night I almost died, and you didn't even know
I know you're doing good 'cause I heard that you've been great
I just wish you missed me, too, now I know that it's too late

Got me like a zombie
Everyday [?]
Waiting for the sun to drop so you could drop some Molly
Never understood the reason why you be so [?]
Couldn't take the distance so I guess you gave up on me
I could never blame you
We just played a game, boo
I heard that you [?]
I ain't gone to sleep forever since you been away, too
Feelings keep me up, I'm sleep-deprived like every day, boo

I could play this violin
You could play me like a sin
But I said I was all in
Then you ghosted, and you left
And now I notice how it's been
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