"Run U Thru My Head"

She said she wanna hear my voice, so I'm going a cappella
We could rockout at the show, you could take me to Coachella
All this money coming in, it don't mean nothin', but it's hella
Every time I put in work it's like I need a new umbrella

Bouta rain down, you could make a bet that we all eating
I don't play now, know I got ambitions past the ceiling
Every day now, live outside my body say I'm dreaming
What you say now, pack up all your bags and say I'm leaving

I be chillin' with your ghost like I'm Legion
There ain't nothin' change at all throughout the seasons
I could stay up late and kick it with my demons
I could fall asleep right now without a reason

I could get you on the bed, shawty you heard what I said
But you won't stay 'til the morning 'cause I'm busy getting bread
So I guess I'll stay alone, I'm like a zombie, half-dead
I could float, and I could sink, and I could run you through my head

(And I could run you through my head, yeah)
(And I could run you through my head)
(And I could run you through my head, yeah)
(Head, yeah)
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