Colors lyrics


So much time spent now i left the deep end
It taught me bout what i lost and i gained
Words from the last time we spoke burned in my memory
Though since I've seen better days, ive seen worse
Learned how and when to show my colors
'Cause I've got a heart big as my dreams
And im savin' it for you so i won’t let you forget me

(Maybe we should talk soon, whether we win or we lose
I don’t mind if you still need time, but if you wana meet up
We’ll put the past aside, and we can talk out our feelings
Until the end of the night)

Please dont forget me, I thought the sun had set for me
It just took experience for the world to tell me
That there may not be a place where i’ll ever belong
And no matter where i go, there’s nobody that’ll get me

But thats okay ya did a damn good job
And i made it out the worst, only a handful of scars ya
Circ*mstances may never be perfect
Maybe working through the differences
Is what makes it all worth it

Now when i look to the stars, they’re not falling down
And when i look in my heart, I hope i’ll see you around
And when i look at the past i can smile and laugh
Cause its never the end if your colors can blend on the inside

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