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Pi’erre Bourne


(Lil ween) (Verse 1)

My dad hits me like
He as modly feet
He mines wheat
Yeah he mines wheat
He is a gamer
He said "see you later"
When he went to the shop
For milk
He never came back
He never came anyway

(Lil ween) (Chorus)

His peen doesn't work
Because it is green
Jk it's purple
I have seen it
It looks like a turtle

(Lil di*k energy) (Verse 2)

His dad's di*k might be purple
And look like a turtle
But mine does do
What about you?

(Lil di*k energy) (Verse 3) (Spoken)

Yes I want to know
Yes I want to know
Lmao tell me, bro

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