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Pi’erre Bourne

"Good Credit*"

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[Verse 1: Playboi Carti]
I'm 'bout that flex sh*t, you know that flex sh*t (Yeah)
I'm on that flex sh*t, you know we flex sh*t (Yeah)
I'm 'bout that flexing, you know we flexing (Yeah)
[?] hundred in the bookbag (Yeah)
Bring that ass back, yeah (Yeah)
Got that good credit, shawty got that good credit, what?
I'm on South Atlanta, Georgia with that good credit (Whoa), what?
Pull up in the Cat, yeah, the Hellcat, ooh
[?] 'cause y'all know I'm pressing, ayy
I'm so damn flexed, damn, you know I'm flexing

[Verse 2: RX Peso & Playboi Carti]
Gucci snakes on my bookbag (Yeah)
Number (N)ine jeans with a red flag (Blatt)
f*ck around, b*tch, end up brrt, yeah
[?], b*tch (Yeah)
That's a hundred in cash
I just smashed that b*tch
Smash [?]
With the [?]
I'ma take your ho
I ain't tryna brag
These n*ggas flexing, yeah
With no [?]
[?] bet it
Play with my n*gga, that chopper blast (Yeah)

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