Pi’erre Bourne


Go, uh
Uh, uh, uh, uh
Uh, uh, uh, uh
Uh, uh, uh, uh

He said, "Look at them diamonds, they shining"
He said, "Look at these b*t*hes, they lying"
Your b*t*h text me, I ain't replyin'
Touch my chain, somebody dyin'
I know you ain't got no toolie
She said that she love me, I'm touching her booty
f**k that lil' boy sh*t like Skooly
Said I was broke, I'm like, "Excuse me?"

I dropped out of school when I was 13
I was like 15, bought my first beam
Love my mama 'cause she birthed me
Can't quit the lean, I went cold turkey
I popped me a lil' pill, a lil' Perky
b*t*h-b*t*h got nice titties and they perky
Badass b*t*h, not trustworthy
I hop in that little car and I'm swerving
Tryna run over me, you don't deserve me
Too many rackaids, Lord, have mercy
Stay with my stick, n***a, show no mercy
I'm sipping on soda but it's dirty
Bad b*t*h and her hair curly
My b*t*h got a toolie but she still girly
b*t*h, how you late when I f**ked you early?
I'm getting money, yeah, n***a, surely
Do he got money? Yeah, n***a, barely
VS diamonds, yeah, boy
30 round clips, love extended clips, boy
Yeah, I got dipped 'cause I almost killed that boy
BBQ, put his ass on the grill, boy
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