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Pi’erre Bourne

"Guillotine Freestyle"

It's like I’m living in a dream state
I f*cked a MILF in silk, and brought her right back to her teen days
Everyday is random, thots be sayin my routine cray
My pockets bodybuilding wallets got dem creatine gains
b*tch I been a baller, got my sliders maxed in 2K
b*tch I'm ben baller, got the chains on me, my jewels straight
Put off my latina b*tch, I'll see you in octubre
Jordans, I got out that phase, used to wanna rock cool greys
Used to play the good boy, instead of drip, I had cool grades
These presidents can’t breathe in my pants, they all got blueface
These residents be hating on my ass, I be too dank
Too much f*cking currency I need to find a new bank
They think I robbed the store, got that red thing on my shoelace
It's Off-White b*tch you ain't know, well you late
9-5 grind, trying to get out that life in someway
Always waking up grumpy, I was Solomon Grundy on Mondays
I was always hungry and I ain't talking bout the munchies
Hey I'mma step outside right quick cuz I clap some cheeks
No I she come inside right here, and start giving me toppy
Flash four rings in front in that b*tch like I'm from Audi
I hit that b*tch and then I dipped, I told her that I'm outty
These n*ggas off that oil sh*t like they invaded Saudi's
I gave that ho the freedom, but she don’t wanna go nowhere without me
Now my Bank Account look I got a Jedi’s bounty
The gas my n*ggas blowin turn your town to red eye county
I cut grass too much to not see all the snakes around me
I get complaints from neighbors cause she moan too f*cking loudly
Bunch of Trudy's with them booties, I smash that family proudly
Billionaire Boys Club, shooters order more slugs
The millionaire hoes’ love, then kick her off the tour bus
Harmony, no Bone-Thugs, stop talking thuggish ruggish bruh
Harming me, n*gga, what, aren't you from London bruv?
Aye, you better call the Guv'nor
n*gga mad at me cause I'm bloody loving her
Ran the red light, got my wings, bloody f*cking her
Got the sh*t on film, know I Brian Pumper’ed her

At these n*ggas necks like a guillotine
Baby pinch herself because she think its still a dream
I grinded for the sh*t I had to max out killer speech
Use to sleep on mats, now 4 bedrooms for a black king

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