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Pi’erre Bourne

"Silence (Unreleased)"

Yo, yo Pi'erre, you wanna come out here?

[21 Savage: Freestyle]

Big knots get a n*gga X'd out
b*tch i'm rich i'm trying to f*ck on every thot
b*tch i'm rich i'm trying to beat your neck out
Savage got the 40 with the red dot
Savage made a quarter mill off Red Opps
Yeah n*gga I ain't never filled out a job app
Your favorite rapper keyboard i swear that n*gga all caps
All my n*ggas real fans all of 'em all clap
21 Savage i be hanging where the check be
I don't want the pus*y lil b*tch just neck me
b*tch you trying to screenshot a n*gga don't text me
I don't wanna be your boyfriend, i'm your bestie
Yeah yeah, spend a whole lotta bills n*gga (Yeah, Yeah)
House all in the hills n*gga (Yah, yah)
Suck that di*k until it spill baby (Yah, yah)
I get nasty I'm ill baby (Yah, yah)
Diamonds on me real big (Ya-ya)
I put a 30 on the SIG (Ya-ya)
Balenciaga's on my kicks (Ya-ya)
I'm doing donuts in the 6 (Ya-ya)
Got a stick with a knife don't get chopped up
Carbon with the silencer, make a n*gga silence ya
Hoe you think you tough because you run around on that molly huh
I ain't even going to acknowledge ya, all my n*ggas bodied up
Ran up a bag - then I went and bought a rari
If i hurt your feelings - my bad i'm sorry
Got a lotta choppa's I ain't talking about no Harley's
Slaughter gang n*gga we just shot up the party
I'mma let the diamonds talk for me (Yeah)
Make a model b*tch walk for me (Yeah)
You better swallow b*tch don't act boujee
You better not act like you don't see your friend choosing
All that ass b*tch let a n*gga squeeze it
This hard work b*tch pimping ain't easy
I buy b*tches new cars all season
I spoil all my hoes for no reason



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