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Pi’erre Bourne

"Cute Cute"

[Intro: Spoken]
So, y-you being cute, or you being cute cute?
You ain't gotta tell me what I told you I'ma do for you
I understand what I said I would do, n***a-
Oh you hate when I call you a n***a, ok

Oh, so you being cute
Let's see who needing who
Penthouse, sixty floors up, such a scenic view (damn)
This money everything, what it mean to you? (what it mean)
sh*t ain't always what it seem, make sure see it through (check that sh*t)
What a clear lens (huh)
This a rare Benz (yeah)
Carbon fiber all around, I don't know where it ends (I don't know)
Baby, once I stop I'll never care again (sheesh)
Yeah, baby, once I stop I'll never care again (sheesh)

[Verse 1]
Lose her feelings
That blue paper appealing
We do [?] killas
[?] children
She roll with me - she see sh*t a lil' bit different
Even though my intentions wasn't for her to kick it
She wanna visit, so I sent her a ticket
These n***as rats, and I don't f**k with Mickey
I can't [?] busy
So I know that you miss me
Ridin' hoe, don't pull me over 'cause I keep a Blicky
You pop up at my house, are you a damn magician?
Diamonds dancin' for the picture, see the camera's clickin'
Huh, shop all the catalogues, won't do the mannequin
Scratchin' my back, and I'm breakin' you off, then I'm vanishin'
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