Pi’erre Bourne


Some n***as try'na drain my f**king energy
I know you n***as gonna give me allergies
They acting up I woke up I got enemies
With my goons and a youngin living happily
85 when I REP, I double dash and they dance
I don't f**k around with fags, man I wana raise the flag
I hit the gas don't over Rev, I got n***as doing laps X2

If you hating man just say it in my face
They try'na slow me down they finna see me fail
I won't fall I won't trip ohh not at all
I got bars and yous a sneaker that's for sure
Kicks clean and am looking like a dream
Get the money then I split with the team
Purple drink yeah my n***as lovе the lean
We drank a lot sh*t wе sleeping for the week
I smoked a blunt I am the highest in the room
They imitate cause they caught up in a loop
If you playing then my n***a you will lose
We pull up at your block we ain't scared
We pop a lot pills we love the zans
I did some major things after trend
Some n***as feel the fire when I drop
I know am gonna make it that's for sure
Corona did a number no more shows
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