Pi’erre Bourne


Toss on
Slatt (Bih')
Yo, Pi’erre, you wanna come out here?

That b*t*h wanna tip (Yah)
That b*t*h want my Drug (Yeah)
I pull up on this hoe (Yeah)
I'm ridin' in spaceship
These ho’ they want my pole (Phew)
These ho' want a d**k (Yeah)
These b*t*hes want Yung Carti (What?)
Tatted on the neck (Skkr)
Tatted on the neck (What?)
Shorty wanna f**k (Bih)
She just wanna feel (Psst)
I be on a X I be on a Pill
b*t*hes wanna f**k
f**k my ex still
Trappin' in a hill
So we going on a hill
Bet how I feel"
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