Let Em Down lyrics

Pi’erre Bourne

[Intro: midwxst & Jamie Foxx]
Yo Pi'erre, you wanna come out here?
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

[Chorus: midwxst]
I been up but I got some n***as that wanna see me down
Put my heart, put my all into my songs, into my sounds
One of the best in my city, no, I cannot let 'em down
Cuttin' off all the fakes inside my life, I'm crackin' down, yeah

[Verse: midwxst]
I got n***as that is really with the sh*ts, boy, we gon' pop out
It's only a matter of time before I'm at the top, yeah
I gotta level up, I'll take it up a notch, yeah
I gotta keep on grindin' [?], yeah
I do this sh*t for mе, b*t*h, I don't need no fame, yeah
And I don't need no flashy jewеlry or no chains, yeah
But I'm just playin', I don't even do that sh*t, uh
I just be inside my room where I be makin' hits, yeah
I'll turn up to my own songs, boy, know that I get lit, yeah
Got your name inside my mouth, boy, get up off my d**k, yeah
You can't join us, no, you can't get in the clique
I got her legs shakin', know I'm playin' with that clit
I only make them hits, boy, I ain't ever miss, nah
Sneak dissin' but I don't even give a sh*t now
I fall asleep and wake up every single day
Then I hop up on my PC, make a hit, boy, I don't play
I don't even need a GLOCK because my brodie let it spray
I'ma stay with all my n***as, b*t*h, no, I can never change
No, that sh*t not in my system, n***a, I can never fold
Told my mama I'ma make it, keep the promise that I told
I won't let the Devil take me, nobody can take my soul
n***as claim that they my friends but weren't there for me in my lows
Talk tough, homie talkin' through a phone
You not hard, oh, you a ho
You don't want go toe to toe, nah
I started goin' up, your true colors is shown
You not welcome in my home
I'll go do this sh*t alone, yeah
I'm reppin' Indiana but I don't mean Jones
Wanna be me, you a clone
In the stu', I'm in the zone, yeah
You need to catch up, boy, I might throw you a bone
Better watch your f**kin' tone, yeah
I'm with my gang, b*t*h, you know we goin' up, uh
And if you [?], boy, you know we poke it, we poke it out
Uh, your b*t*h scream and shout, uh
I been smokin' loud, uh
We'll ride 'round the town, yeah
Put two in his mouth, yeah
The chop on me, no sound, yeah
Can't let my family down, yeah
Can't let my family down, no, no
Clown, yeah
That b*t*h is a clown, yeah
Don't deserve no crown, yeah
I leveled up, you down, yeah
I leveled up, you down, yeah

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