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Kyle Exum

"The Grandpa vs Grandma Rap Battle"

[Verse 1: Grandma & Grandpa]
Oh, so you won't let him eat, huh?
Should've known you belong to the streets, huh?
His mama already don't feed him what he needs, huh?
Not even a little tiny snack before he leaves, huh? Please, hun
First off, better lean back
You've been trippin' way before your injury, Mac
To say "You ain't on my nerves", that would be a cap
Only thing that's really poppin' 'bout you is your kneecaps
Granny ain't sweet, bon appetit
Let me leave this Earth before he leaves hungry
Just selfish, can't give him spare change for his needs?
Don't you speak, all that cap made your hairline recede
You think you're young or clean like Michael B. or something
But you're lookin' rough, I'm talking 2020
'Stache on dusty carpet, call up Stanley Steamers
You ain't Steve Harvey, you're on Justin Bieber
Let my baby starve, I'm the only one that's fed up
He's 21, so, he ain't fully developed
Always talk the past until we talk 'bout how you messed up
Keep it 2 Virgils, I'm a dime so get your sense up
That's why they like Granny better
All you've got are stories, I'm the real thing when I chef up
They weren't hungry!
But they're skin and bones, need more of my dessert!
You've been falling off, need to go get you some Life Alert
3-0, just call out what I see, bingo
You don't speak what I speak, lingo
You've got childish ways, chico
You don't even need your verse, you shouldn't try to try
Not even Nationwide is 'gon be on your side
Like your iPhone, you don't know how to play me
Number 1 rule: Don't mess with Granny's babies
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