Kyle Exum

"Kahoot Star (The Kahoot Rap)"

Top of the game, I'm a Kahoot star (Who?)
Ain't no hooplah to it, second guessin'?
Y'all buenos noches, I can't be snoozin'
Got the codes to the game, made my name make a bang
Red and blue sus like Among Us, I can't be choosin'
I'm a quick card clickin' buzzer beater with the top spot
Green I see, if you ain't me, you just a knockoff
Grades got COVID but in game, I'm Jimmy Neutron
Player of the year, just like an ex, I never miss, nah-nah

[Verse 1]
Shine is on my eye like Pixar
Got the people cheatin', tryna see just what my picks are
Still tеn toes down at the tip-top
Get onе wrong and like the beat, you're 'boutta big drop
Counterfeit friends cappin', can't throw me off
Never missin' mine, you out of time just like a TikTok
Leaderboard legend with the bars, they call me Hootpac
Y'all ain't ready like audio-only Zoom calls
Check my resume, 30 games won, no true/false
That's auto-admission to Harvard and that's by default
I'm the product that's poppin', got y'all on recall
Einstein on E to me when it comes to MC, dog
Squarin' up? Hands on KSI, couldn't be Paul
Leaderboard level Supa Hot, I don't see loss
Smartboard intellect for sure, I can't be wrong
Never slow, y'all Nevada slow, gotta keep up
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