Kyle Exum

"The Three Little Pigs Rap"

Once, a pig built up a house
The house was of straw that he bought from the town
One day, a wolf came and saw the little pig
He came to the pig's door and then the wolf said...

"Little pig, little pig, let me in"
"Not by the hairs of my chinny chin chin"
So I huffed and I puffed, and I blew that thing down
Next thing I knew, he was running around
So I chased that pig down
Wanted some bacon, so I had to go to his big brother’s house
Said I blew that thing down
Little Red Riding Hood didn't ride home, so I'm after you now
I’m a real alpha wolf, this ain't Little Bo Peep
Don't try and cry, "Wolf", I ain't here for no sheep
No McDonald's money, so y'all arе my treat
And if we do the racе, all I need are some cleats

[Verse 1]
Run to the market, Pig, You can run home
Go get your roast beef, but I'll catch you for sure
You look like a snack, and I don't mean you’re cute
But I bet you’ll look good with some veggies and fruit
Little pig, you're sweating, just take a little break
Just make this thing easy and hop on my plate
I’m trying to get home to play Fortnite today
And I can't come back late, Mama Wolf doesn't play
Pig told the wolf, "Oh I'm leaving, Mama ain’t make me this thick to be eaten
You're big and bad 'til my big bro gets even
And no, I won't slow, Wolf, I trained for track season."
Don't run up that hill, Pig, You're not Jack and Jill
Don't climb up that wall, have a great fall for real
I need food to serve while I go on this date
So don't make me look bad. I can't make Wolfy wait
Lucky for Pig, I had worn the wrong kicks
So he got to his brother's house made out of sticks
Wolf came up after and saw the little pigs
He came to the pigs' door and then the wolf said
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