The Mom vs. Middle Child Rap Battle lyrics

Kyle Exum

[Verse 1: Mom, Middle Child, Dad]
Boy it's clean the dish or the switch, how you poppin' out?
See that dang phone you got's the reason your grades droppin' now
Don't you back talk when I talk, still ain't learned but now?
I'll pop up with that heat, like this grease, you can't burn me now
Child of mine I wish you'd try, boy I'm 45 but whoop like 24
Tryna waste my cash, we're out of that, you know there's always more!
You're full of it, paid for all your clothes but you still throw a fit
Failed basic trig, can you even do it?, that's irrelevant, don't question it
Single digit test scores' the reason you're single
Think I'm made of cash?, Then what's that Mom?, my business cause we grown
Acting like on you we've been harder, we treat all of y'all equal
Wait wait hold up, we've got another one? when'd we make a sequel?
Bros they told, Chuck E Cheese they go, who you gon' stand behind?
Boy don't lie your girlfriend's the only one who's gon' take your side
You're lazy huh?, room is looking rough, worse than your dusty cut
Face it, if your hairline's your lifeline it's time to pull the plug
You're acting tough, like your mail it barely opened up today
Even when the food's really bussin' you never clean your plate
You're really done, like that nasty stuff you drink, I tasted some
I won this, wait why?, because I said so, I'm not the one!

[Verse 2: Middle Child, Mom, Dad]
Oh you're not the one but that's the age you're acting
Middle child, in case you forgot thought I'd save you from asking
Oh I'm lazy? must be in the genes you passed me
Feels like Christmas to me how you had nothing good in your wrapping
Even with my grocery shoes on, you're the only trippin'
Got food and forgot about me, aye that's family tradition
Listen to the last tear bender, always got something to tell
You pop off like you lounge on couches, can't get control-a yourself
I'm really done, second born? uh huh but put last every time
Crossed the line when you started giving cards with no cash inside
You see the signs, stress the whole house out without good reason why
Made Dad's hairline market McDonald's doing the toosie slide
If I clean up nobody notices it, I'm Nanny Phantom
Grandma'd never let me leave hungry, 's why I got Granny fandom
Your blame's more contagious then Covid, always catch it why bother?
All my bros are really just quarters how they change for a dollar
You're just like your brands are, always off
Said if I can pass gas I can pass my class, and where's the flaw?
Feel like homework, cause we forget bout you, you start problems with me
Need that belt, you buckle under pressure 'less it comes to Timmy
Treated worse, they all got dessert all I got was deserted
Half the time you're more dead wrong than how your emojis are worded
Grades you hid from Grandma explains why you don't know Caring from Karen
Rule 1 of avoided whoopings: Mama's still got 'em some parents

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