Pluck U lyrics

Konrad OldMoney

You want a challenge
Iʼm bringing the talent
Iʼm flowing quicker than Spanish
Got the advantage
And now u falling behind
Until I vanish I manage
To make you panic
Iʼm hard to follow
Nobody got a shadow taller than mine
We got this rap sh*t down to a science
And my alliance is always defying
The laws of the language
We own the alphabet vowels and consonants are our clients
We rapping giants and we mastering English
Donʼt be negative b*t*hes
Because we came with the vicious
Explicit vocals that be scaring the locals
We gon be making the riches and you be tasting delicious flavors of music just put it up in ya blow holes
Let it into ur veins and soak up into your brain taking the pain while itʼs painting a picture
Iʼm never gunna refrain till the everybodyʼs insane
Breaking ur spirit with my lyrical scripture

Never will I die, never will I die , never never will I die, die die die for real

Iʼm unstoppable
Like a force to be reckon with
A Mutherf**kin g on the track
The directorate
If you think you got it get off your porches and step to it No obstacle ever set us back

No prerequisite prepares you
For the overwhelming show we throwing
We overflowing our golden talent
In u til you
Till you fee our presence in your bloodstream
Like potent opiates
Intense like a sun beam
We ainʼt quitting soon
I spit game forever until Armageddon severes my spirit and buried my body in the desert but never will I die for real
My spirit lives on
When u hearing this song
N when I spill this sh*t my rhymes are ill
Itʼs why they feeling it like California feels them earthquakes
We reel it in and gut it to put meals on your plates
Guaranteed fresh always pleasing to ur taste
Never f**king around we finish easy in 1st place

Never will I die, never will I die , never never will I die, die die die for real

I live my life patiently waiting
For opportunity when it comes imma take it
People test me everyday to play at
My potential
I sweat bullets cuz I need credentials
This is real life no stencils
No guidance the violence just makin us mental
The head trip that follows the flashback is opening eyes I put my game face on and my hat back wham
Then it all just hit me
I just had myself an epiphany
If we play the right cards
Weʼll find victory
Soon we could be buying jewels at Tiffany
Laughing at the wannabes
Singing sad symphonies
Battling the nobodies
Chalk another win for me

Iʼm another soldier in the California infantry We be goin global being fame or infamy People from every continent listening
b*t*hes with tops off screaming and whistling Yet some mothaf**kas say that Iʼm dreaming They say that Iʼm living a life without meaning Feeing disrespected I brush it off my shoulder Like a soldier
Thatʼs goin to battle
When Iʼm older Iʼll look back and laugh at these weak minded fools being branded and hurded like cattle

Never will I die, never will I die , never never will I die, die die die for real

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