100 gecs

"Devil in Prada"

Im the devil i be steppin in my prada
High off pack, in my black and white armor

Switch blade b*t*h i got a switch blade yuh
Today it might be your last day yuh

Why they like to feed off my energy
When it's all said and done please remember me

On my ipod they playing my song
Turn the volume up if you feel me

Shawty suck my d**k, make me nauseous
If she wanna f**k then im down

I need fans that are die hard
Touch me and my gang you gon die

KFC he gon fry
I am off a bean i can fly
I might try to hurt you with a crowbar
I might try to hurt you with a crossbow
Thats if you don't wanna leave me alone
Thats if you don't like nitecore
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