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Slimmy B


[Intro: Yhung T.O.}
Yeah yeah yeah yeah, aye

[Hook: Yhung T.O.]
All this cash became the regular
I can't f**k with it if she regular
You know I don't f**k with n***as but that's regular
They say i'm acting different but that's regular
A lot of n***as hating but that's regular
Praying on my downfall while I show it's there for her
All this cash became the regular
They show me love in the hood but that's regular

[Verse 1: Money Magiic]
n***as talking cash we got cash too
Yeah, n***as talking chops we got chops too
Keep talking out yo ass we gon slide through
(Shots) Through and that like a drive-thru
Yeah, AR-15 hold a hundred rounds
Acting like a clown you get knocked down
Rolex with the crown b*t*h i'm on now
Skrt skrt, pull up smelling like a pound
Pull up on yo b*t*h i be flexin
Young n***a jugging if he nasty
Red bottom stamp and i keep a [?] that n***a ain't really been confessin (Snitch!)
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