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[Verse 1: SOB Deezy]
I got n*ggas doing time wishing they was home
I got n*ggas up in heaven wish they had a phone
I keep pouring all this liquor to get in my zone
If a n*gga spill his cup, I'm splitting his dome
I got n*ggas in they bag, still run in your home
I'm trying to make it out this b*tch and put n*ggas on
I got a family to feed plus my sister need me
b*tch my choppa need a Grammy the way that b*tch be singing
And I still owe the opps like 30 plus 50
Catch a body with this b*tch and cop a new rizzy
In a Porsche Panamera with pounds like Ricky
Out of state with that pack, you want it? Come get it
Talking tough on the net put holes in your fitted
And I miss Tre Durk, to be honest it hurt
We was both up in the club now you all on a shirt
Popping bottles in the club watch me dig in her purse
We been chasing to that bag no waiting 'til first
Steady taking all these L's so it feel like a curse
And I ain't worried 'bout these suckas b*tch chop gonna burst

[Verse 2: DaBoii]
And I just cut my b*tch off and I know I'm my worst
And you can't hang up over here you ain't known on my turf
Pulling her hair from the back, she know I'm a j*rk
And all my n*ggas rolling Cookies ain't rolling up purp
Just got into it with my granny, ain't going to church
I'm tired of seeing the same hoes, I'm unfollowing b*tches
n*gga I'm a big dog I sent dog on a mission
And he don't really want no smoke, he all for attention
b*tch want time from me? b*tch offer commission
Reaching for my dreams, praying for my goals
b*tch this Glock loves to tweet for hating on my bros
n*ggas speaking on my gang he playing with his nose
And every chop hold a hundred, that aiming sh*t old
n*gga I can tell you broke, you just came for the dro
Yeah I used to rush sh*t, now I'm taking it slow
Why the opps don't be sliding? Can't pay for the toll
And I'm cutting b*tches off for not playing they role

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