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"On the Gang"

Bear on the beat

And every verse a n*gga spit I put my heart up in it
And for the head speed on my b*tch so I can't argue wit' 'em
Ain't a race but if it was then we'll be farther than them
Like why dive up in that water with the sharks up in it?
On that heart blade sh*t, tryna park a whip
That ain't thunder b*tch that's us sparking sticks
Brodie bro keep four-five tryna mark off the list
n*ggas talk that sh*t but they don't walk that sh*t
b*tch keep calling from different numbers that's a stalking b*tch
n*gga all I talk is numbers, what you offering?
Said I was done taking L's, took a loss again
Wasn't wit' me in that war then you lost a friend
All a n*gga know is the truth I cannot pretend
I would say, "When should we start?" but we should not begin
Want me to put a ring on it? I can't comprehend
What I spent up on this chain, coulda copped a Benz
And when I opened up my gift I asked God, "What's the reason?"
He told me I'm his warrior, feel like baby Jesus
My girl praying for her baby, she know her baby need it
She know we got scores to up we ain't gon' make it even
I know I usually talk sh*t but not today I'm preaching
Never walked out on nobody but today I'm leaving
I'm just tryna send a opp who he hate to be wit'
n*gga karma is a b*tch and that's the greatest reason
And God took his time wit' me, he rushed out all you cowards
And we ain't looking for no crash dummies, need the ones with power
And thinking this an easy lick he must be off the powder
b*tch my pockets getting fat like I f*ck with Albert
And I know b*tches gon' be b*tches but you n*ggas way worse
The outside always looking in but ain't no way I ain't hurt
If my life get taken from me lay me next to Tre Durk
n*gga this is all I got I can't mess up a verse
Gotta keep my head forward, never going back
If the weed ain't from Kel, ain't never rolling that
This sweet gon' hit for half an hour he never rolled a back'
It's about money and respect I never owe 'em that
If you ain't locked in the circle you never know the facts
If your daddy was a snitch then he called a rat
Pops still sending me letters, never wrote 'em back
If I give her all my time then the ho will brag
The ones a n*gga love the most gon' be the ones to upset you
Could be who you want on the net but don't nobody respect you
Hand always out, what you gon' do when nobody can bless you?
Pain do something different to everybody, watch who you step to
You gotta watch your own mans no tellin' when they gon' turn
Build a bridge you thought was stable, no telling when it's gon' burn
It's hard for me to gain your trust if all you give is your word
Let a n*gga cross the grain then them n*ggas gon' learn
I done really seen it all feel like I'm going blind
Like how you put that sh*t on God when I know it's lies?
Still my mama baby boy but I feel cold inside
How imma deal wit' all this pain and have a hope in mind?
And I'm trapped, checking my telephones for taps
My gangster is not to be tested be dead and gone for that
To see n*ggas in that casket I setted goals for that
A n*gga take one of my loved ones we fetching souls for that
n*gga I been rolling before I was legal
And I remember being happy before I was evil
I got revenge up on my mind, f*ck keeping it peaceful
A Wiseman told me, "Yeah that's cool, but what would it lead to?"
They be here for the moment not here when you need 'em
I know n*ggas who never met me, wanna stop me from breathing
It be hard to crack a smile they tryna stop me from cheezin'
And I just bought a lot of guns, they tryna stop me from beefin'
Doing wrong for the good but I know it ain't right
And you could never be my dog if you turned to a mice
Why would you do what they want when you could do what you like?
What I'm taxing for the feature? n*gga Google the price
I miss my granny, if she was here it wouldn't be this way
Shout out my lawyer, without her I wouldn't beat the case
n*ggas chillin' in the house like it ain't cheese to make
Send them shots up over here then that's a big mistake
On the gang b*tch

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