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"Not Bout It"

Lil' Rece produced it
Lil' Rece produced it

Let a n*gga play wit' me it's gon' get tragic
I'm making n*ggas disappear like boom and think it's magic (Boom)
Don't rap about no foreign if you ain't had it (b*tch)
Tell the opps to come shoot back bro need a challenge
When you getting money, ain't had sh*t it's hard to manage
Put your loaf up next to mine and get embarrassed
If you ain't talking 'bout no bands I'm speaking Spanish
I'm tryna hit the other side and do some damage
Shoot it at the crowd and get to scrambling
Just touched down in LA I need some grub I hit Wi Jammin
Don’t make me bring out all this ice and get to dancing
And if I told you that I loved you I was scammin'
When I get high up I forget about my past
I'm doubling back up out the house if I forgot about my strap
And I need my sh*t in cash tryna forget about them taxes
I been ready for whatever, we can really get it cracking
Hol' on somebody need to take the mic from me this n*gga gassing
You want problems wit' DaBoii? Then you'll be getting what you're asking
Bet y'all mama's copped strap after she close you n*ggas casket
Just got ten for one show and I just stuffed it in the mattress
n*ggas see the place I'm in get 'round tryna learn my tactics
n*gga only in your dreams the only time you catch me lackin'
Woke up feeling high like Haiti Babii, I'm a dragon
When I'm shooting at my target I just hope it's in the basket
If I knew what happened I still wouldn't know what happened
n*gga even when I'm rapping I ain't even really rapping
Mama said that I'm a foo' 'cause I spent three up on one jacket
I just rolled up some Peach Cobbler now a skit and can't stop laughin'
Sorry for the wait but I ain't sorry for Ms. Jackson
If he a outta towner then you know I gotta tax him
If not rob him
Call out wolf then yousa mark, n*ggas not goblins
So take your pus*y ass to church n*ggas not 'bout it, b*tch

Yeah, n*ggas not 'bout it
Take your pus*y ass to church n*ggas not 'bout it, b*tch
Ah n*ggas not 'bout it, b*tch
Take your pus*y ass to church cause you not 'bout it, b*tch
What you 'bout? Nun
n*gga what 'you bout? Nun
Hating need to stop cousin
Ayy lil' n*gga need to stop frontin' b*tch

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