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"Game On Pt. 2"

[Intro: Slimmy B]
SOB X RBE n***a
We ain't playing with you sore ass n***as mane
Ain't sh*t no game over here n***a
n***as know what it is n***a
n***as know who the gang is n***a
n***as know who up n***a
And n***as know who suck n***a
You n***as is opps n***a
For real n***a (Uh)

[Verse 1: Slimmy B]
n***as wanna play? I ain't trippin' n***a game on
Tints so dark can't see sh*t with these shades on
We don't do no askin' round here we just take souls
Stock in a Glock and I'ma bust till his face gone
No it ain't the .40, walkin' funny 'cause the bankroll
Choppa get to singin', put that Draco on Drake mode
Make a n***a and his b*t*h dance, no tango
I'm bustin' then DaBoii is too, real bang bros
Take a b*t*h, bandit, these n***as can't stand it
They think I'm Mariah how I let go this Cannon
sh*t get real we in the field we don't panic
Strap a 3K, tryna Klu Klux Klan sh*t
.45 get to trippin', like that b*t*h havin' a tantrum
Nerds tryna copy, you know I had to Uncle Sam 'em
Stomp a n***a out, in these Bred 1's band 'em
Dumb hoes, bum hoes, f**k I can't stand 'em
Wanna f**k with us you broke n***as betta team up
This .40 got me walkin 'round the hood like I'm King Tut
Bands on me bust down, b*t*h not a thing tucked
Was runnin' 'round the hood broke, till a n***a beast up
I'm from the North Pole
Where them n***as keep poles
Glock on T.O
Will make you sing like Ne-Yo
Coppin' guns but can't shoot, like Shaq at the free throw
And n***as cold, what the f**k you think I got this heat for?
Me and bro passin' b*t*hes I can't even speak on
Back to back treat they ass, like we playin' ping-pong
XD on D.Buttah pokin' out the peacoat
And this .40 shootin' sh*t that's knocking down King Kong Lil n***a

[Verse 2: Yhung T.O.]
Young n***as haters three bands when I wake up
Catch an opp [?] b*t*h face like makeup
Feds tryna raid us we been totin' rayguns
I think she just argue cause she let em make us
n***as know T.O. keep clips for the reload
They team automatic shoot shots for the free throw
My weapons all lethal so big sh*t illegal
Sippin' this lean got me leanin' like Ne-Yo
Sunday, Monday, neck on a Tuesday
Posted on Wednesday, f**k what your friends say
Sippin' on Thursday, forgot about Thursday
Go up on a Thursday my main b*t*h go both ways
Been home for two days no game but keep two K's
Outside a [?] he don't get two ways
I got that Glock on me guap on me cash on me hundreds on me and they blueface
No, I don't do kisses but I just might kiss her
She tell me it's mine and it ain't nobody hit it
They say I been hated the chop like a midget
You with it or not? n***a make your decision
Cause I'm in your city right now
Glock on me and it hold fifty right now
Slide down your block it's gon be a man down
Two chops hold two hunnid merry go rounds

[Verse 3: DaBoii]
n***as speaking on my name they don't know nothing
Big Glock b*t*h you know it's a pole on it
Big chop with a drum just to hold hunnid
Empty out the clip leave him cold like his nose running
Like a spoiled kid n***a you don't know me
My brodie in the back's in the shells with the forty
Young n***as tote heat b*t*h do the whole team
We don't do the block hit a lick and stay lowkey
b*t*h! Who you n***as talkin' to?
My n***as really riding y'all some bums where y'all walking to?
n***as want problems opp a tutor get to solvin' em
You cuffin' on these hoes imma pass I ain't hogging em
My n***as want chains like a motherf**kin' uniform
You mad off a b*t*h? I ain't even wanna do the whore
That's yo wife what the f**k is she choosy for?
You n***as full of L's LOL y'all don't shoot the scores

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