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Yhung T.O.

"I’m On (Remix)"

[Intro: Cash Kidd]
Helluva made this beat baby
Helly on the beat, you know we got one
Helly on the beat, you know we, yeah
When the f**k this b*t*h gon' drop
I think it's 'bout to drop right now
Ayy, ayy

[Chorus: Cash Kidd]
Ride down his block, better not slow down, ayy
You know we outside with them poles out, ayy
Bands so fire, bring the hoes out, ayy
I ran it up on n***as, b*t*h I'm on now, ayy
Had to jugg a n***a with some fake pills, yeah
Jugged another n***a with some fake bills, yeah
I never broke the code, I remained real
Tryna see how havin' M's in the safe feel

[Verse 1: Cash Kidd]
b*t*h say she want a perky, we got boatloads, ayy
Did a turn-around like the road closed, ayy
n***as hatin', I'm the GOAT though, yeah
n***as pillow talkin' to they broke hoes, yeah
Got this rap sh*t in a chokehold, ayy
Let me change it up
I don't trick, I make hoes pay to f**k, I can't make this up
Facing blunts like it's 4/20, no not eighty bucks
Ain't tryna kick it, you can catch these bullets like I faked a punt, ayy
Got a rap b*t*h, she realer than my cold ones, yeah
I know some new n***as realer than my old ones, yeah
She say before you come, grab some Fruit Roll-Ups
'Cause this d**k got your b*t*h whipped like a tow truck
Teacher said what you wanna be when you grow up?
Not rap, but this was God's plan, this sh*t chose us
Bro say n***as only 'round case I blow up
Got my eyes open, I can barely trust my own blood
You say y'all accept credit? okay okie-dokie
Slid another rental, doin' doughnuts like I'm holy moly
In the O, just did a turn around like the hokie pokies
Hundreds in my pocket balled up like a rollie-pollie
Ayy, havin' fun with this sh*t now
Yeah now I can use my face as a discount
Mama don't you worry 'cause I keep it on me
Wet a n***a shirt, bet he, die like some bleach was on him
Made believers out of b*t*hes, they was sleepin' on me
Multitasking, getting head and I'm eatin' Cody
Tell my b*t*h to pray for me, I got demons on me
f**k around and dump the whole clip like it cheated on me
Gettin' groceries with them Visa's on me, you can ask my ex
Free Ty, I f**k with Stackboys, make cash and checks
Just did homework on the opp, I bet we pass the test
Gettin' off, these n***as sick dog, they should be at the vet
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