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Crown The Empire

"Johnny ringo - acoustic"

This is your time
Your life's flashing before your eyes
And soon enough you will realize this is goodbye
But what if I gave you a chance?
You just have to sell your soul

Look around, what do you see?
The choices you never had the guts to make?
I'm sorry you never could be the man that you wanted
But regret is wasted on me

I can feel air inside my lungs again
All because of you
I can rebuild my life and start again
All because of you

This feeling's amazing, I know
But be careful, you know not what you wish for
Granted life again but now you've cheated death
There's no where to run when you run from yourself

But fear not for as long as you live you are mine
And even in death you will find
You've lived with regret for so long but now
Is your chance to change what has been wrong
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