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David “Fergie” Ferguson

"Come Down"

Nothin' I've been doings' been workin'
And baby you know I've been hurtin'
I see you behind those curtains
Come down

Pardon me if I'm mistaken
But I believe your hearts' been aching
When you're ready for me I'll be waitin'
Come down
Come down

[Chorus: Dan Auerbach & Gibson Brothers]
I could wait for ever (come down)
Better late than never (come down)
But the sooner the better (come down)
Come down (come down)
Come down

One of these days I'm hoping
Your front doors' gonna swing open
And the losing streak will be broken
Come down

Then you're gonna see that you love me
You won't be hidin' above me
You're never gonna have to be lonely
Come down
Come down
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