"Pretty Sad"

Pretty-pretty-prerttt sad Pretty Sad

Hook: V. Rose
Spending All yo money looking like a bag
Rollie on yo wrist you running up a check
Feelin Baller Baller so Kardashian
But When your heart is hollow though it's
Pretty Sad
Pretty Sad
Pretty and Sad
It's Pretty sad, Pretty sad
Pretty Sad Pretty Sad
It's Pretty Sad Pretty sad

Verse 1: V. Rose
Gold Chain Diamond Ring Lipstick slayed oh yeah
I can look my best
Pretty to-the-EST
But in my inner chest
I could be a mess oh
Some of yall will spend an hour
Think that's a super power
Satan looking to devour
Let your hair down from the tower
You Don't need A Prince (nah)
But you do need a Saviour
Really you should save your time
Workin' on the inside where it matters cause
All this‚ feeding bliss
It Won't be missed
So don't be missed oh
Don’t dismiss
What this is
Get Facelift and catch my drift
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