"No Hall Pass"

Hey yo Rob give the lil' n***a the ball back

[Intro: Yelawolf]
Never get you ball back, f**k 'em all
Just facts and never get your ball back
Never get you ball back, get your ball back (Let the band play)
Just facts and never get your ball back

[Verse 1: Cub da CookUpBoss]
Couldn't be in the car sayin' [?]
f**k with me again, you heard what I said
I'm a boss, I hear them haters hollarin' "Mr. cool car"
Give me 20 minutes I could cook a whole brick up
You know the jewry in my outfit
You know the n***as ain't about sh*t
I go harder than a pitcher, she upset
And I'ma drop a ho off if she don't suck d**k
[?] whip game pretty
Get like me it'll take you a million
[?] whip game pretty
To get like me it would take you a million

[Verse 2: Yelawolf]
Don't worry 'bout the cause
Just worry 'bout the sauce
b*t*h, I'm the Ron James you're Stephan Curry with the ball
Yeah, that's some okay play but I'm legendary
I'll put you straight into a coughin' fit, call me pepper spray
Okay, I'm walik' in the hood with a vault full of goods
Profit off of my profit because I saw that sh*t
Choppin' the wood, burst your bubble
Popin' the suds lookin' like 2Pac
Say my name I stop [?]
For the camera mean look
Homie you gon' need to think straight
My [?] has got you b*t*h off in a pink meet
Tryna get this [?] like clink-clink
Locked up with these bars, I should have been police
Or warden, but I just take awards [?] and crash 'em
New Chevy's now I can afford them
[?] like the accoardian
[?] jukebox, b*t*h put the quarter in
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