"Worth It"

I still love her cause she’s worth it
She runs away cause she knows it
It’s just a mystery how we blow it all the time
She’s giving up
The all-knowing of what’s to come
And if she’s done

Driving detours by the ocean
Her hair is my devotion
I blow her kisses in cause she knows it
Cause I love her in the evening
She is wondrous cause she’s walking away

I’ve always loved her cause she’s perfect
You gotta love the way she works it
I never understand how anyone could walk away from me
But it’s okay to roll your eyes at me
Only if they’re your eyes, oh

Time wasted on my own
Dream about my sweater girl in Glasgow
I wanna tell you how I feel
So you can just let me know
So, please, won’t you speak to me?
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