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Russ (UK)

"Most Wanted #Intro"

Opp girls love Russ, always ask for hugs
Your baes on me, try wicked and bad

[Verse 1]
Opp girls love Russ, always ask for hugs
10 times 3 soon put him in mud
Your baes on me, try wicked and bad
I been round there tryna 'low their mugs
Got with the dots, whole block got shake
Your bro got got, your off his face
That's your guy, why you leave your mate
Facetime live, restructure your face
Tweet on the net bout gang it's calm
Direct shots when I stretch my arm
Shh got drenched 3 times oh lord
Turn that off, dishing out red cards
Tear mans chest, fishing out mans heart
No lacking on point like darts
[?] can't afford auto go cart
[?] can't afford auto go cart
I said your peng, but hold on babe
I'm swerving Ben
Been 'round there tryna crash at men
b*tch, I'm in love with skeng
Beef with me but I don't know dem
You're just p*ssed, cah I stabbed your friend
Stop tweeting come @ me den
Put man's face on the news at ten
Put mans stretch on the news at ten
When I'm in Penge I can't see dem
Only undies run far from dem
Free up my broski doing up pen
Back is mad but the face is dead
f*ck that sh*t, get blows instead
Bedroom bully, Russ rock that bed
T getting mad, tryna cuff that fed
Just look what we done
Can't wait to bun up this don
I'm off so why did you run
Your mum soon bury her son
Three inches away from his lung
Watch man leak and screaming so fun
Give man wings, Red Bull and rum
Jump in the car, yeah then we're done

Free all the mandem
Free Nutcase
Free SK
Free Little Twins
Free [?]
Free SK
Free [?]
You feel me?
f*ck the opps

[Verse 2]
You got my man and everyone knew
Wicked and bad, bore anyone's crew
[?] the dot, Russ call that goose
We can move on full out youts
[?] p*ss, just fill a fat zoot
Who's that girl, I've never seen you
Face is peng, and she got a back too
Button and peng, Russ gotta have you
Like, kick back and bill out my ganja
Zoot one, man grip out the bumper
Who's that, she's fire to bumber
Spin spin man, let off the thunder
In your dads face, back out the pumper
Back your damn mate, look at the runner
Too often, stone cold stunner
Wolf packs some violent hunters
Ten man v four man
When I back man, they all loose
We trap stay low, splash mate, your dough ain't looking like you
Ching man up, he held a few
Was that Russ, ain't got a clue
If it was, what could you do
Nothing opps, them sh*t they just poo
Big Russ
When I do road I can't lack, I got a big one
Like skuddu-skrr, I see bare pricks run
.44's mad, car's or cab
Who's that bird I wan' shag
It's dad, we back the pump on her dad
Ask Splash, splash over just crash
b*tch, waps get left on your back
Don't dash, I need a new pack
Bare skin is nothing like catch
Okay, let me start off
Big f*ck off dots that I bark off
Tiny Nuts, [?]

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