30 (B Side)

"Top Boy"

Who engineered this? JS
If a man f**kin' bust shots at you
And I know about it, it's f**kin' mad!

-Bruv, you--
I'm ridin' out immediately!

[Verse 1 - 30]

I drive German whips like Tokyo Drift
And I handle the skid like my name was Stig
They need to free up my bros at the nick
Still locked down, never did work for the pigs
And I still do road with my stick
Or I'm dialling kweng make him blow out your wig
It was me who put smoke on the strip
If you see me on the bike with a pole on my hip

I told bro take off his hat in the car
Cah I don't like this Volvo
The obbo's real and the Met's still surveilling, taking photos
Twenty racks on a new twenties
It looks like ten in an old nose
And I had one ancient dotty
Like say I just bought it from Antiques Roadshow
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