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30 (BSide)

"The Coldest Linkup 2.0"

[Verse 1: R6]
One man army, my tools are violent
Catch you in the back road sliding
60 or HS fried him
Opps giving all this verbal
Nuff of your bros we knifed him
6, 4, 5th no ticks
You can't tell me 'bout grinding
Let's lurk, let's lurk, let's lurk
Got beef and I'm frying 'em
I was in the trap with Stacey Slater
And a bit of V
Splash a couple of opps that's me, ST
Hit you up then skeet (skeet!)
Caught my man and he ran
Splash man down then leave

[Verse 2: MizorMac]
It's Samurai Jack, Mizzy, Mizzy or Mac
HS on deck, no meds, Y.S bake off with yak
Friends in the can but I still step with HS that's men in black
Who's on who? On M? Sn, no remorse for your batch
Add a K and two more K's see KuKu yutes in black
Badman scream gang
Gang till it's real when your bredrin ran
Spartan gang, violate gang then you must be mad
Why do you think we call Nagz Max mad?
Bore up your bredrins hat

[Verse 3: PS]
P, just chilling (Here)
Thinking like how can he doubt this
Step with the kitch' when I step on their strip with the tool in my pouch or my trousers
How much times have we rid? Knifers we dip?
I don't even know, man it's countless
And if plans don't word, man get j*rked
It's back to running to the running houses
Look I ain't no mix up, it's Hitsquad
Me and Denz got like four each
Six and RK got him in front of his and his mum and sister, that naughty
And this b*tch on me, like my kitch' on me
Might just chill off with shawty
f*ck that sh*t, man it's slalky
Like gyal get with me and horny

[Verse 4: Digga D]
Bro put a box in draws, 35s and scores
Phone man if you want that
Don't talk like you're bad, you ain't on that
Combat, juice gon' spill like Cognac
Whip that sh*t, don’t stop till I lock that
Heard there's a mash on sale, man cop that
Verbal abuse is long, akh, stop that
Back out the mash and drop that, shot that
If you want buj, man got that
Ban and TT smash it and dot that, chop that
Countryside where the gwops at
Jump in pics, you ain't bro, man crop that
No whip, then pedal bike risk it, he flipped it
Back out my shank and dip it, ballistic
Push in my shank and twist it
Pebs in cling, that’s Oreo biscuits

[Verse 5: Nito NB]
125 or a dingered out whip
Twist that shank when the blade goes in
Big dog like Beethoven
Opp boy chest get laid open
No joke it's ment's, only a few g's hold it up
Fold that mug, drivers waiting patient, steady holdin' that clutch
Steady holdin' that clutch, froze twinnin no double dutch
Don't fidget stick a yute up, my batch loosescrews and nuts
We're serious men and we all have things on us
No time for a gem or a paigon friend, Lord knows he can still get touched

[Verse 6: 30]
Remember the last time we try skid up
Man got whiplash in that dinger
Oso bunny like my name's Tigger
I'm too thug to squeeze on that trigger
Beanie man in the zim-zimma
Free Bo, Fiddy and Killa
Barbie cute, ooh she a winner
I don't have time, swing to my n*gga
2 in the dots, 6 in dat spin
Me I'm Buck, I'm Yang and he's Ying
Make it rain, snap off that pin
If it weren't me, it must've been him
Buss my case, I got a touch
f*ck Trident, they want me in cuffs
BSideK, they must've gone nuts
Push my shank through his guts

[Verse 7: AM]
I ain't gotta say too much
Man chat sh*t, get touched
Came round there, came in a four door truck
When they see man they cut
They ain't on p*ss, n*ggas ain't got no guts
n*ggas shoulda went upsuh
Now they affi run, now they affi run from us
Now they affi run from us
When are they gonna learn
When I bring shots they burn
When I bring shots they burn
Send a man home, you don't wanna see no worms
You don't wanna see no worms
Man best smile when you walk in the mains
Spill man's juice all over the place
More time I heard that you were lipsing a whore
I'll put juice all over her face

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