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"Best Of Us"

[Songtext zu „Best of Us“]

[Verse 1]
[Justin Jesso] One by one
Looking back at everything we've done
[Nico Santos] Every setback that we've overcome
[Milow] Now I won't stop if you don't stop
[ILIRA & Nico Santos] (Oh-ooh-ooh)
[ILIRA] Two by two
Shaken by the world we woke up to
[Stefanie Heinzmann] But together we can make it through
[Bibi Bourelly] Now I won't stop, if you don't stop, yeah
[ILIRA & Nico Santos] (Oh-ooh-ooh)

[Pre-Chorus 1]
[Kelvin Jones] Wait, wait! What you gonna say, say
[Nico Santos] When we get too close to letting go?
[ILIRA & Nico Santos] Wait, wait! If you gonna stay, stay
[Bibi Bourelly & Justin Jesso] Come and hold me closer 'cause you know

[LOTTE] Never get the high without the low
[Stefanie Heinzmann] It's gonna be alright 'cause still I know
[Milow] Even in the night we get to show
[Conor Byrne] The best of us, the best of us
[Glasperlenspiel] Keiner steht alleine irgendwo
[Christina Stürmer] Kein Weg ist zu weit und nichts zu hoch
[Sasha] Jeder von uns zeigt doch sowieso
[Alexa Feser] The best of us
[Philipp Dittberner] The best of us
[Sasha] (Oh-oh-oh-oh)
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