"Трэп Аллигатор (Trap Alligator) - MARCO-9 (English Translation)"

FRESCO is higher than you thought

[Verse 1: MARCO-9]
You're just bait and MARCO's a piranha
Baby, run, it's a trap alligator
Smoke oregano, the plug's arigato
Baby's a princess I will lock her in a castle
I never work for free
The b*t*h's backpack Ferragamo, I don't care
Will make my back heavy with money
Tonight more massages are waiting for me
f**k the feats out of pity
Benjis pranks are sacred
Orgies in the building, MARCO switches
b*t*hes caress themselves to my poems
You are not big, but only a timid daddy's boy
How funny to me, your pathetic complexes
Louis V leopard, only one touch
Money is paper, I fire it up like it
Clouds on Shmoney, smoke is origami
No rules, yeah
Right on red
I crush your ego and I don't feel sorry for you
I score 0.9 bills
Waiting so long to give up
Where's my bling?
You didn't try as hard as I did, that's a fact
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