Sippin’ on (Remix)

Britney Spears

[Intro: AC]
This is AC
With Britney
We goin' out tonight
This is gonna be a hot one baby

[Verse 1:AC]
(Ay oh) let me do my thing with a New York verse
AC will make you hot, girl remove your shirt
I got my eyes closed you could do your dirt
And by the way, do you still got that school girl skirt?
Like the cops imma watch her watch me
Shot with a chaser like the paparazzi
Its crazy she still on top a the biz
I'm with Brit, while KFed watchin' the kids

[Verse 2: Britney Spears]
He was kinda like a summer fling
Hot and heavy through that April rain
May and June he was after me
By July, it was getting hypnotic
So he kinda started feelin my fame
I don't really wanna say his name
All I know is I likеd his drank
All my girls say mmm if you feel me
I saw you there, I can't gеt you out my sight boy
Better go and get another drank, cuz you ain't getting none of mine, no

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