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Lil Toe


[lyrics from snippet]

[Verse 1: Lil Toe]
b*tch, i really do it
I might take a trip to f*ck on some russian суки (okay) (b*tch)
And my choppa roll him up, he gon look like sushi (yeah)
You pus*y run it up [?] (let's get it)

[Verse 2: Lil Morty]
(Ha) I got sauce (ha, yeah), вперёд [?] (tu-tu-tu, grra, baw, slatt)
(Dirty) Я G x1000
Беру количество (full ziplock) for 20 time (let's get it, go)
Моя пуля — дура, мой кулак — придурок (gonna crazy)
H$G my gang, skate-прокуратура
Туллим эту дуру, мы под дурью в пуле
Страж на споте, save this block, shout out Пилюля

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