I took yo b*t*h just like suicide
My d**k hydraulics she gon' ride
In the pu**y just like DMs
In her walls like-
Aye man, we got the Clorox on deck man
We 'bout to drink this sh*t
Prr, prr
Mhm, tastes good, yerme
Oh my
Huh, huh

Puta, puta
Walk in this b*t*h with my shoota
Hollow tips blessed by Buddah
Run up on him with a chancla

Puta, puta
Look at my wrist, hallelujah
Next b*t*h just look like Selena
Ate that b*t*h out like pupusa

Puta, puta, puta
Took yo b*t*h out just like basura
Look at my wrist, I know que te gusta
Run up on me, chancla might hit you
Hold up, espera, I f**k yo b*t*h at Coachella
Pass her to bro just like FIFA (Messi)
I stay with my dawgs like a collar
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