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Gizmo (Rapper)

"Body Bag"

I wanna tear every ligament inside your body b*tch
Leave you out too rot inside the forest ditch a homi b*tch
When the showers come you gon decompose, become soggy sh*t
Anyone tryna f*ck with me gonna get their head chopped with a hockey stick
Creeping up on my back
I swear death got me trapped
So I never gave a f*ck about a motherf*cker
On my sack, I don't got no time for that
b*tch boy, be careful what you write when you tweet the sh*t
This is real life you can get your ass beat
Take back your [?] meat
Chopping you up every time its [?]
I can [?] loonies to waste
f*ck it [?] eyes [?] face
Don’t want to hurt you, so don't hESITATE
f*cking with me like I'm a bear in a cage
Little you know I’ve been stocked up for months
Pull up and gut you, and eat you for brunch
Boil your remains inside of my trunk
Chopping the body bags off of the [?]

"Help me get this f*cking body bag through the f*cking door right now"
"Bro if you don't help me right now, the cops are gonna be here in two f*cking seconds"

Body bag
"What are the perks of a body bag?"
Put you in a body bag
"I think we should zip this up before the blood leaks out"
Body bag
"Please help me, I need to fit the shovel in"
Put you in a body bag
"I cannot drag this body and this bag by myself"
Body bag
"Please man, please"
Put you in a body bag
"I need help throwing this in the river"
Body bag

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