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Within Destruction

"A Spiral Rift Towards Damnation"

In the depths of a darkened realm
beneath the thunder tempest sky
a reign of mischief concealed in secrecy
locked hidden from the world to see

An ancient of Millennium
a phantom of voracity
composed by the gods of death
through wrath and hate embodied

Soon shall be the time
awakened from eternal slumber
when the stars will meet in line
the Earth will toss and crumble

The false desire shouts inside
as its chains fall into decay
unleash it once again
to roam and ruin at free will

In roaring, it shall rise
the bringer of damnation
it shall rise
the summon of manslaughter
it shall rise
the ender of all lives

Shifting to the surface
in a vortex of destruction
horns scale up they pierce the sky
as the gulf swallows us whole

In roaring, it shall rise
In roaring, it shall arise

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